Korpack Corporation with its members wishes to express sincere appreciation to all of you our customers who have patronized and supported this Korpack Corporation as ever.

Building up a sound reputation for the production of top quality packaging material for foods, snacks confectioneries and pharmaceuticals, etc., it has established itself as a reliable leader in its field not only with the experienced specialists, advanced technology and complete quality control system but also in virtue of encouragement and patronage by all of our customers.

Under the basic rule of coexistence and coprosperity with business partners and customers, we will contribute to the growth of the packaging industry with our continuous investment in modern machinery, equipment and technology.

Not satisfied with the achievements, Korpack Corporation will continue to present new and outstanding products by pouring persistent R&D effort in sense of recompense to customer’s support and doing our best endeavors to supply the better products with attractive price and service as well.

We wish you to lead this company through your encouragement and patronage so that we may be much more developed Korpack Corporation.